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Sustainable signatures: digital signing is the future


  • Foreword
  • Benefits of an eSignature
  • Current Studies
  • Real Use Cases
  • Not all eSignatures are the same
  • What is eIDAS?
  • Why d.velop sign?
  • About d.velop AG

Those who want to make a statement in 2023,
rely on digital signatures.

This whitepaper provides valuable insights that can assist companies of all sizes in finding the right digital signature solution, helping them better understand the topic and make the right choice.

Recent studies show that the demand for digital signatures has consistently grown in recent years, and the benefits for businesses have become indispensable.

Real use cases from various industries offer an exciting glimpse into the possibilities of digital signatures and help identify specific use cases for your own business.

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Markus Kitta

Sales Development Representative, d.velop AG

Markus Kitta is your first point of contact at d.velop and able to assist you with any inquiries or open questions you may have.