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Migration to the digital invoice handling process – Invoice workflow on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics ERP


  • Digitalization saves you time for the important things
  • Cut down on piles of paperwork with automation
  • ERP and ECM: a dream team
  • Potential savings at a glance
  • 5 key takeaways on digital invoice processing
  • Mobile A/P and ECM

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There is growing awareness that digitalization is not a short-lived trend. In fact, it's the beginning of a revolution in work and business processes.

Digitalization and centralization of all company information and processes that can be accessed and handled anytime, anywhere by employees has become an essential part of many companies’ livelihoods.

You may be wondering how you and your company can become more digital while keeping control of the workflows regardless of time or place. The highest potential for optimization in many companies lies in automation of invoice processing.

This free white paper uses the invoice handling process as an example to show you the business advantages of a digital process and the benefits of integrating Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

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