You and d.velop =  It's a match

1/3 - The first webinar in our three-part webinar series.

2020 was a successful year for the d.velop group - 2.000 new customers in one year. 

Without our partners this fantastic success would not have been possible. And we want you to be part of this success. Become a d.velop partner and benefit from out-of-the-box solutions for Microsoft 365 that you can sell to your customers. Recurring revenues, a sustainable long-term partnership and trust, that's what awaits you.

We offer you innovative products for business processes based on Microsoft 365. 

- Document Management based on Microsoft 365

- Contract Management for Microsoft 365

- Accounts Payable processing 

- and many more..

Watch now for our first webinar of our three-part webinar series and learn more about our solutions for Microsoft 365 and our partner concept. 

We will start with an overview of d.velop for Microsoft 365 and the presentation of our partner concept. 

We are looking forward to your participation!


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Webinar 2/3

Your customers invest in M365 but still manually process paper invoices? Like chaining a dead tree to a rocket ship. Accounts Payable Processing for Microsoft 365 and with d.velop

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Webinar 3/3

How To Generate Recurring Revenues with Out-of-the-box Contract Lifecycle Management for M365

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Watch now the webinar