Accounts Payable Processing for Microsoft 365 and with d.velop

2/3 - The second webinar in our three-part webinar series.

Like chaining a dead tree to a rocket ship...This provocative title often reflects the truth. Your customers are already using Microsoft 365 (rocket ship), but the entire invoice process is still paper-based (dead tree)? That doesn't have to be the case anymore! 

We offer your customers a smart solution. Digital Accounts Payable Processing for Microsoft 365. 

The manual entry of AP invoices in companies not only takes up an enormous amount of time for your customers but also generates high costs. For example, due to long waiting and processing times, cash discounts cannot be taken.

Benefits / Selling Points : 

Reduce processing costs up to 75%

Benefit from cash discounts

Gain full insight into cash-flow and financial commitments

Eliminate manual steps and reduce idle time

Curious about more benefits?


Watch now and learn, how your customers can save time and money and how you can generate recurring revenue!



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How To Generate Recurring Revenues with Out-of-the-box Contract Lifecycle Management for M365

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