Get the best out of Dynamics 365!

Regardless of whether it is the processing of orders, purchase orders, incoming invoices, personnel documents, contracts or similar - every day you master the handling of many different pieces of information and content that are created in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (BC, F&O, Sales), Outlook & Co.

The problem is that the documents and information generated are often located in your source systems. A 360° view across systems of all available information on a transaction often does not exist. Not to mention that this 360° view is integrated in "my" system (e.g. Teams, Dynamics 365, Outlook).

As a result, researching information is often time-consuming and sometimes incomplete. Not a good basis for working effectively and completing business processes quickly and easily!

This can be changed!

By using Dynamics 365 & Microsoft 365, your company already has the technological basis for a 360° view of documents and information.

In this 25-minute webcast, Garth McCown shows IT-decision-makers and key users an approach to reducing information silos and accelerating processes in your organization based on the existing tools Dynamics 365 (BC, F&O, Sales), Teams and SharePoint Online.


What to expect:

- Challenges in your daily business

- Our approach to cover those challenges

- Live Demo

- Benefits

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